Install Debian and OpenMediaVault on a WD My Cloud Home

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WD My Cloud Home network storage often offers a lot of storage space at low prices. In the offer, the price per terabyte often falls below that of HDDs that you buy directly without an enclosure. This guide will walk you through installing an alternative “operating system” for your Western Digital My Cloud Home. In…

Doesn’t work for me :slightly_frowning_face:

The light starts flashing, then stays on. I release the reset button and wait, but the device never gets an IP from the router. I guess the installation doesn’t run as planned.

Besides, I have the impression that when solid, the light is not as bright as in normal condition.

What can I try ?

A fixed IP is entered in the image. This must be deleted or released in the router.

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Got it! :slightly_smiling_face:

After checking the router details, I found out that the device had a fixed IP. I deleted this setting, and the process worked on the first time.



Thanks for this tuturial. Finally my WD MyCloud Home is useful again.


Are there any ways to upgrade to the most recent omv? When i tried i ran out of storage in /var


I have some questions and I will be very thanksfull if some one can help me:
Is this method still valid in 2023?
can I access the OMV outside my home network after doing what it says here? ( I have done it with rasspbery PI and PiVPN)
is there a step by step guide how to role back to orginal firmwork if it is needed?
thank you in advance.

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It depends on the version of the WD MyCloud operating system. From version 7.16.0.-220. the USB boot was deactivated. So far there is no way to re-enable it.

Yes, of course it is possible to access the OpenMediaVault via VPN.

Not at the moment. I will address that in the future.